Monday, 4 June 2012


I have it in a massive dose, the sort of Monday-itis that makes you wish it was over already.
Monday for me is always kind of hectic, trying to catch up after a weekend of people messing up the house( renovating or playing with toys) , starting the massive pile of washing that grew in the last three days, reading with a few kids from Hannah's class because I have the time (allegedly!), getting small children to after school activities and trying to get ready for work tomorrow.
If I had to look at my Monday to-do list the things I missed were not the most important, but the most fun.
I am yet again in a cafe drinking another late evening beverage waiting again, this time though I have miss 6 with me and it is a bit more interesting.
So back to the Monday-itis, it isn't that bad really I just wish I could squish all the boring stuff into a small hour and hack out a large chunk of time to sew and sing and dance while no-one watches ( bet you couldn't guess that about me! I love to dance around the house like a lunatic to daggy music in my pj's). Oh well tomorrow is another day and truly I am so grateful for the happy busy life I have I think I might have blogged my blues away :)
Hope you are all enjoying Jo's challenge- I am going to give it a go - no promises though I am a screen addict!
Kylie xx

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