Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Well Hello lovely Readers :)

Hello there !

Nice to see you all again, Jo and I have had a very busy year so far, nice busy though, not "Oh My Giddy Aunt when will this palaver stop" busy, you know what I mean :)

So I shall briefly fill you in on what we have been up to.

Most recently Jo and I enjoyed our annual "mummy break" in Mannum with the madcap girls at F.Q. IX. We both sewed an entire quilt - binding and all in less than 2 days!! We used a lovely simple modern pattern from the moda bake shop and with just one charm square pack and 1.5m of sashing and about 3 hours the top was completed. We were so excited to have so much finished so quickly and even more excited the next day to finish all the quilting and the binding as well. We did all the the things we never get to do in peace at home, read trashy mags, watched chick flicks walked at least 10km each day ...
Enough of the chit chat though, thought you might like to "see" what we have been up to...

Jo's finished quilt
 My finished quilt
 The little hand towel I made today
 The cute quilt Jo made for someone's special teacher ... all done and basted, just the quilting and binding to go
 The little quilt  I pieced together for my lovely friend about to have her first baby...
 The beautiful hand pieced hand quilting Jo is currently working on...
 The first ever schnibble I have made and am now hand quilting...
 The two beautiful 4ply scarves Jo and I started on retreat
 The gorgeous crochet rug Jo has been working on...
 The pretty scarf Jo finished...
 The most recent finished hand pieced, hand quilted quilt Jo made...
A close up of the intricate and beautifully finished quilting on the quilt above...

So better than a whole bunch of words I thought you would all enjoy a pictorial view of what we have been up to, 
Hope you are all having a lovely crafty time and squeezing as many happy sewing/crochet hours as you


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Annual Holiday - tick :)

Hello Readers!

Well it seems quite a while since we blogged on here so I am sorry to all our readers for the slack effort.

There is quite a bit of news for all of you to catch up on but I will start by just saying hello and welcome back. 

Jo and I have just been on our annual sewing escape and had an awesome time, including racking up 50km of walking in 5 days!!

As I said a lot to fill you in on but I am actually sneaking in a quick "Hello" from work so till I have more time "see you soon"!