Monday, 11 June 2012

How did you go?

Well, how did you go with my little challenge last time? What did you achieve in your seven hours? I had an interesting time, and an unexpected outcome from mine...
I completely quilted my little "Space Bubbles" quilt. I machine quilted in the ditch, and also hand quilted all of the red dotty squares with red perle, and made & put on the binding too. Plus I managed to do a lot more hand quilting on my big Hidden Stars quilt. So I would say I managed to cram a fair bit in to my extra 7 hours, and now I can't complain of having too little time!
The other thing I notived was that I really got out of the habit of going on the computer in the evenings. I know we all have to stay connected in this day & age, but I really didn't miss out on a lot, and felt so much better in myself for having achieved my goals for the week. Plus, I am sure I slept better for having not been over-stimulated by technology before trying to settle down to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love checking out the internet, and seeing what the rest of the world is up to. But I think I may be a little less "plugged-in", and a little more attatched to my needle & thread from now least for a couple of nights a week. What about you? And the lovely Kylie, I am especially interested in your take on this, since I know you are a technology addict!
Keep warm, Jo xx

Monday, 4 June 2012


I have it in a massive dose, the sort of Monday-itis that makes you wish it was over already.
Monday for me is always kind of hectic, trying to catch up after a weekend of people messing up the house( renovating or playing with toys) , starting the massive pile of washing that grew in the last three days, reading with a few kids from Hannah's class because I have the time (allegedly!), getting small children to after school activities and trying to get ready for work tomorrow.
If I had to look at my Monday to-do list the things I missed were not the most important, but the most fun.
I am yet again in a cafe drinking another late evening beverage waiting again, this time though I have miss 6 with me and it is a bit more interesting.
So back to the Monday-itis, it isn't that bad really I just wish I could squish all the boring stuff into a small hour and hack out a large chunk of time to sew and sing and dance while no-one watches ( bet you couldn't guess that about me! I love to dance around the house like a lunatic to daggy music in my pj's). Oh well tomorrow is another day and truly I am so grateful for the happy busy life I have I think I might have blogged my blues away :)
Hope you are all enjoying Jo's challenge- I am going to give it a go - no promises though I am a screen addict!
Kylie xx

Friday, 1 June 2012

Dropped technology

Well, an interesting thing happened to me this week, and it also ties in with our very common theme of time! My trusty laptop, which is getting elderly & a bit senile, was ok, but it's power cable wasn't. It now only runs for about 40 minutes, so running it without the power plugged in isn't an option. My husband & I debated whether or not we should bother with a new power cable, or get a new computer, but I am really not interested in getting a new one at the moment. So we ordered a new power cable, and waited for it to arrive. So all this week, I have pretty much been sans my computer. I looked on Facebook a couple of times, but couldn't access my emails. And I found I had so much more time to sew! Often, I sit on the sofa, typing away instead of sewing. But it really proved to me that all the "time" I have been seeking was actually here, being frittered away! Well, not all the time I want, but at least a fair amount.
So I have a little challenge for you next week...can you give up an hour a day on the computer, and trade it for an hour of sewing time? What could you achieve in the extra 7 HOURS (!) you will have available to you?  I would particularly love to see photos of what you make, or just a description.
Turn off the computer and get sewing!!
Jo xx