Monday, 11 June 2012

How did you go?

Well, how did you go with my little challenge last time? What did you achieve in your seven hours? I had an interesting time, and an unexpected outcome from mine...
I completely quilted my little "Space Bubbles" quilt. I machine quilted in the ditch, and also hand quilted all of the red dotty squares with red perle, and made & put on the binding too. Plus I managed to do a lot more hand quilting on my big Hidden Stars quilt. So I would say I managed to cram a fair bit in to my extra 7 hours, and now I can't complain of having too little time!
The other thing I notived was that I really got out of the habit of going on the computer in the evenings. I know we all have to stay connected in this day & age, but I really didn't miss out on a lot, and felt so much better in myself for having achieved my goals for the week. Plus, I am sure I slept better for having not been over-stimulated by technology before trying to settle down to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love checking out the internet, and seeing what the rest of the world is up to. But I think I may be a little less "plugged-in", and a little more attatched to my needle & thread from now least for a couple of nights a week. What about you? And the lovely Kylie, I am especially interested in your take on this, since I know you are a technology addict!
Keep warm, Jo xx

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