Monday, 23 April 2012

I do love the beauty of Autumn...

Well we have been very busy getting afew nice goodies - just like these ready for Belli Bliss in Unley... so busy, in fact, I plain forgot to blog at all last week!

These are some of the goodies I have made, Jo has also made some gorgeous ruffled skirts which we have to photograph and upload yet... keep checking I will get to it soon!

I just love Autumn and its lovely cool weather and the showery rain and more time spent indoors sewing lovely bits of fabric together, which is your favourite season?

Well, better get moving, after Jo and I had a lovely walk tonight I need to get straight off to bed (after I do a teensy weensy bit of sewing!) before another busy day tomorrow :)


Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's back!

I'm so happy to say my beloved sewing machine is back from its service! Have to say, it seems exactly the same, but since it was working fine before, that's probably a good thing. I have missed it enormously. I got busy sewing this afternoon, and completed two projects. I made my daughter a drawstring bag for her laundry, out of part of a fat quarter pack of Melly & Me fabrics, and also a little purse for me, complete with zip, out of a small scrap of favourite fabric. I was quite pleased, as I am a devoted quilter, and haven't done much other sewing.
I will have to take some pictures & post them, or maybe get Kylie & her trusty iPhone to take them for me!
We are quite keen to take up crochet, can anyone help us? Can you recommend a good book/Youtube video/actual person to teach us? Isn't it great that "old-time" crafts are getting so popular again? It would be a pity if we all lose the ability to create & make, using these techniques. It is also fantastic to see the modern twist people are putting on traditional crafts.
Oh, another little triumph today... I had to re-thread my new overlocker. So I followed Kylie's advice, got up, made a cup of tea, drank it, then got back to it. Perfect! Followed the instruction book, and it worked first time. Is there anything tea doesn't make better?
Keep crafting!
Jo xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Better late than never

Ooops, I am sorry I am a few days late with my blog, but somehow the school holidays don't leave much free time. The weather in Adelaide has been so lovely and warm, it hasn't been my first thought to stay inside on the computer!
I have taken my (and Kylie's) sewing machines in for a service. Do you treat your beloved machine to a regular service, or has it never had a dose of TLC? I suppose it isn't a high priority, especially if all is well, but it might be something to consider in the future.
I am also the proud new owner of an overlocker, essential to my skirt-making. It is surprisingly easy to operate, and gives a really lovely professional finish to the skirts, but I might be feeling a little less thrilled when I need to re-thread it! Luckily all 4 are hanging in there so far.
Having no sewing machine has left me a little lost though, and I have cut out a couple of things all ready for its return this week. It needs to be back for the next meeting of our lovely sewing group, Sew Much Fun, on Friday. Kylie and I started the group last year when our previous group folded, and it has been wonderful! What a treat to spend several hours, twice a month, with like-minded gals who love to sew and chat. Do you belong to a sewing  group? How did you hear about the group? Or would you like to join one? What would your ideal group be like? I think a love of chocolate and talking is a must!
Enjoy your fabric, and give your machine a pat from me, they certainly make life as a sewing fiend a little easier!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Did the Easter Bunny find you ??

He sure found us!
He laid out an easter egg hunt and deposited eggs all over the place.. the joy of having kids...

If your easter was anything like mine, it involved so much food and fun you can't begin to count your blessings, I hope it was. It was a lovely time for reflection and development of ideas and a chance to absorb some lovely- arty- crafty inspiration from my new Frankie magazine... I think I might have found my new obsession.

Jo has blogged about her foray into quilting and all things fabric and how her taste and interest has changed as she worked through her projects. So here is my story...

 I have loved sewing since I was a little girl and I used to try to make clothes for my dolls (not very well!), but given that I spent a HUGE chunk of my childhood and early teens in a swimming pool or studying, followed by long distance running (can I include chasing boys here??) and really studying, I never really managed to find the time to sit quietly and sew. I did finish a few cross stitch projects (which my Dad, bless him, still has!) and a pretty satin shrug for my sisters year 12 formal however apart from that I was never as obsessed with fabric as I am now.

I think I can credit my mother in law for actually introducing me to quilting after my first baby was born, however my first few quilts were always finished off by her. My friend Sue really helped me see how many options there were for quilting, however I still felt nervous about buying so much fabric and actually cutting into it! So I stuck with bag making as a more economical easier option.It wasn't until I joined Funky Seeds  in 2009 that I saw how simple and beautiful a quilt could be to make and considered it a possibilty. The girls were so excited by their quilting and fabric I just loved going along to that group.  Jo and I met at Funky Seeds and we have become great friends through our mutual love of fabric and sewing....oh yes and I have now made quite a few quilts, I prefer the 1930's fabrics and fresh colours and I do quite like  precuts - so easy and economical...

We hope you enjoy watching our journey together as the Raspberry Wren grows and changes...


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Happy Easter to everyone! Don't eat too many eggs! And hot cross buns, and why do they taste so much better with the cross on the top?
Well, did you take time out last weekend? And will you this long weekend? At least one sleep-in is a must too!
I was thinking this week about my fabric journey, so come along with me on a little trip back in time...
I have only been quilting for the past 7 or so years. The first quilt I ever did was for my then baby son, for his first birthday, and it's pretty basic. The fabrics were ones in blues and reds that I bought from a clothes-fabric shop. No idea of the composition, but I doubt there's much cotton in them!
Next, I went to pretty vintage-style florals, then into Civil War reproduction quilting fabrics in 100% cotton. I did all the piecing and quilting by hand, and I still love them. I found the notion of brights/moderns really unattractive, and the only fabric I used to go with the florals was calico.
Now I look back on these earlier quilts and think, "wow, I've changed"! My favorite fabric designers are Sandy Klop, from American Jane, and Kaffe Fassett. I love to mix my brights with crisp white, for what you could describe as "modern" quilts. I still love civil war fabrics, but am trying to use up my stash, and haven't bought anything new in a while. I also love 1930s-1950s fabrics.
I am a total 100% cotton snob too, as it has a lovely feel and quality to it.
So, what about you? Can you track your fabric journey? Have your tastes changed over time, or have you always liked the same style? Do you add madly to your stash, or are you trying to reduce it?

On a different note, this week I have found my perfect magazine! As a magazine addict from way back, I like to keep an eye on what's out there. But this one slipped under the radar! It's called Mollie Makes, and it is a cracker! Full of gorgeous handmade and vintage things, lovely photographs, inspirational ideas...beautifully styled and just right! So have a look if you get the chance, I bet you'll love it too.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Well I am sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but as Jo's post said we are both a bit time poor at the moment... Nevermind it will all get better, school holidays are just around the corner and some fun times with the kids will make life sunny again!

Another plus is more sewing time and hopefully a bigger range of cute booties and nappy covers from me and sweet little skirts from Jo.

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the lovely Easter break ahead!

Kylie :)