Sunday, 15 April 2012

Better late than never

Ooops, I am sorry I am a few days late with my blog, but somehow the school holidays don't leave much free time. The weather in Adelaide has been so lovely and warm, it hasn't been my first thought to stay inside on the computer!
I have taken my (and Kylie's) sewing machines in for a service. Do you treat your beloved machine to a regular service, or has it never had a dose of TLC? I suppose it isn't a high priority, especially if all is well, but it might be something to consider in the future.
I am also the proud new owner of an overlocker, essential to my skirt-making. It is surprisingly easy to operate, and gives a really lovely professional finish to the skirts, but I might be feeling a little less thrilled when I need to re-thread it! Luckily all 4 are hanging in there so far.
Having no sewing machine has left me a little lost though, and I have cut out a couple of things all ready for its return this week. It needs to be back for the next meeting of our lovely sewing group, Sew Much Fun, on Friday. Kylie and I started the group last year when our previous group folded, and it has been wonderful! What a treat to spend several hours, twice a month, with like-minded gals who love to sew and chat. Do you belong to a sewing  group? How did you hear about the group? Or would you like to join one? What would your ideal group be like? I think a love of chocolate and talking is a must!
Enjoy your fabric, and give your machine a pat from me, they certainly make life as a sewing fiend a little easier!

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