Monday, 7 May 2012

Rediscovered love

Well as I sit here alone in a cafe sipping a hot chocolate and nibbling on some bruschetta while I wait for my little chess champ to finish his first night of competition chess , I finally have some time to share the realization I came to over the weekend.
For weeks or maybe months now I have heard Jo and I repeatedly bemoaning our time poverty about sewing. As I handed her the delicious fat quarters of kaffe fassett fabric I gave her as a thank you gift for looking after my furry and feathery kids this weekend just gone, she sighed and declared how lovely it would be to actually have time to sew something with them. This made me think we obviously need a big brainstorm to institute more sewing in our busy lives! After all it is a great source of joy to both of us and surely we can make that more important!
We will catch up tomorrow night for our group sewing night - I wonder what we can come up with !
How about you, how do you manage to fit more sewing in to your days? Maybe we can find some hints!

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