Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little Things

Kylie & I have been having a great time this week with our sewing. My "baby" has just started kindy, so we now have one day a week to devote to our sewing, and of course, cups of tea and talking! It has been so much fun, and it's also amazing how much we have got done.
I am now making a line of corduroy winter skirts for little girls. My daughter loves hers, and I have sold some to dear friends of ours, for their lovely little girls. I have made a few for Belli Bliss too, but they are very limited edition!
Kylie & I have had a ball making macarons out of felt! They are good enough to eat (well, almost), and the very simple pattern came from the Mollie Makes magazine, or you could look on their website. It is a small, portable project that anyone could do. Have a look on our Facebook page to see a picture (Just until Kylie puts it on here too!)
I have also started a friendship bracelet. Yes, just like the ones you probably made at school, and it's all coming back to me. It is fun and easy also. So maybe, if you don't have time for a big project, you could seek out a little thing to hand-make, and complete. The sense of achievement is out of all proportion to the amount of work you put in!
Keep warm
Jo xx

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