Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Busy days

It's it lovely to have something exciting to do? We are thrilled to be creating gorgeous, useful hand made wares, and getting a chance to tell you all about it.

Kylie is flat out making her fantastic theatre hats. There is no excuse for ugly/old/mass-produced ones now! Jo is having a ball inventing new tote bags, and both of us are making library bags too. With the burst of spring we are currently enjoying, we have no excuse not to get some photos up here for you to see.
We also have lots of new ideas we will be trialling over the coming months, along with plans to appear at markets and country shows. We would love it if you come over and say hi, we'd really like to meet you. We'll post details here as they are finalised.
Lastly, we are thrilled to say we have ordered the lovely labels for our products, and will be sure to show you when we get them. We are proud to make all our products ourselves, right here in the Adelaide Hills. We sew because we love to! May you have a passion you enjoy as much...(and we'd love to hear about it!)

Kylie & Jo

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